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Are you unfamiliar with team events?

What is a Team Event?

A Team Event is an event where players are competing against other players in their own team. They are also known as Lazy Festival. Players will cook the event gudetama and trade with a friend or exchange them for points. The player with the most points will be in Rank 1 and will receive a keychain from the developers of Gudetama Tap and Sanrio.

Reminders! (Earn Golden Eggs and Speed Sauces (Silver)!)

During the team event, players receive free golden eggs.

  • After cooking is completed, try to share any gudetama in the following kitchenware (Cutting Board, Frying Pan, Pot, Nice Microwave) to earn 1 Golden Egg! (You can also share from your gudeguide or taking a picture using their camera).
  • After cooking is completed in Hot Plate kitchenware, try to share any of the event gudetama to earn 1 Golden Egg!
  • Complete any Event or Normal (Daily) Challenges to get more Golden Eggs or watch ads every 8 hours!

Team events are competitive! Every team's level of competitiveness vary depending on how many players there are in each team.


  • Be respectful to everyone!
  • Be patient! Do not rush (except the last day of the event).
  • Do not complain if the person fails to give your gudetama back. Just give them a follow up.
  • Do not get offended if the person is unable to add you as friend due to their friend list being maxed out (Max amount of friends you can have is 50) or other reasons.
  • If you are low on GP, please try to tell the traders that you can’t trade for that reason.
  • Always ask the person if they can trade with you. Otherwise, miscommunication happens.
  • Do NOT send the gudetama to the person without them knowing that you sent them. There could be a chance that they already finished their 50 trades for the day!
  • Never ever exchange someone’s gudetama for points.

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